Please provide a quick assessment of your behavior. Before you respond, start with the assumption that you probably do some of these. Think about specific people you work with, especially those you don’t particularly care for. Think about habits you have developed, especially those you wish you hadn’t. Try to remember feedback that close friends may have given you.

Please indicate how often you…

  • NeverAlmost NeverRarelySometimesOftenAlmost AlwaysAlways
    Neglect saying please or thank you
    Use email when face-to-face is needed
    Take too much credit for collaborative work
    Email/text during meetings
    Keep people waiting needlessly
    Talk down to others
    Delay access to information or resources
    Fail to acknowledge others
    Use jargon even when it excludes others
    Pass the blame when you’ve contributed to a mistake
    Spread rumors about others
    Belittle others non-verbally
    Retreat into your e-gadgets
    Shut someone out of a network or team
    Take advantage of others
    Pay little attention or show little interest in others’ opinions
    Don't listen
    Set others up for failure
    Ignore invitations
    Show up late or leaving a meeting early with no explanation
    Insult others
    Belittle others’ efforts
    Make demeaning or derogatory remarks to someone
    Take others’ contributions for granted
    Grab easy tasks while leaving difficult ones for others
    Forget to include others
    Speak unkindly of others
    Are not civil in emails
    Are disrespectful when disagreeing
    Interrupt others
    Avoid looking out for others
    Are judgmental of those that are different than you
    Fail to appreciate others’ efforts
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